Day Two: Ride around the Island

Mom has a phrase," Nadie se pierde en Puerto Rico," which means we don't need to be scared there are lots of nice people in PR and if we get on the wrong road we can always find our way out or some nice person will point the way. This was her way of reassuring us when we were little and went on an adventure with her.

So here we are thinking about going around the island. Well half of it. I want to go back to Caguas and take the expressway up the mountains, La Cordillera Central, see the statue of the Jibaro and then down to steaming Ponce. I am undecided if to make it a day in Ponce or go on to Mayaguez. I think I will make it a day in Ponce and then go down to the Playa de Ponce to get a seafood lunch. First we have to go up to La Cruceta, see El Castillo Serralles or walk its gardens, then down to the picturesque Fire Station and get our pictures taken with the Lions or Leones de Ponce. I wonder if they still have the free carriage rides? Then right there in town they have that cute and very reasonable souvenir shop.

Next we will get back on the road, catch a bite to eat and head towards Boqueron. Will it be Boqueron or Guanica. Dios mio? Guanica...Que bello es Puerto Rico! We will see the Caribbean as we wind down to Caña Gorda beach in Guanica, another rocky shore with spectacular waves on the bay and one of the most tranquil beaches of which I know. On the right I will point out EL Bosque Seco with its huge cacti, proving that a tiny island can also be diverse in having a desert as well as a Rain forest. They also offer rides to Gilligan's Island for the day. I hope we have our bathing suits on because once we see the Caribbean that is what we will want to do: jump in! Guanica, la playa de ensueño. I hope we can a stay the night right there and go to the Phosphorescent Bay in Lajas. Then relax. Tomorrow the west: San German, Mayaguez, Arecibo and the Camuy Caverns.


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