Moss Park





I really didn't know why they called Live Oaks, Live Oak, nor that there was another kind of squirrel in Central Florida. I also discovered a beautiful butterfly and enjoyed Pavilion 5. I know I have more pictures of Moss Park and hope to find them soon.

Oh did you want to know why it's called Live Oak. Well if you look at that huge branch you will notice all the life that lives on it. Ferns, lichen, moss, and a whole array of invertabrates, i.e. insects. Then the squirrel pictured here I think is the Fox Squirrel and I caught it! Well, only on film. The Pavilion pictured here is the one we used for the Field Trip. We had the best hamburgers, at least that is what the kids said!
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That's an interesting looking squirrel. The ones here are either completely black, or completely brown.

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