Saying Good bye to Cypress Creek

Kids are all tested. We have said our goodbyes, waves, and hugs. Smiling as I see all the kids walk slowly to their waiting buses. Cheers of happiness, massive hugs, and a couple of papers thrown in the hall as evidence of a student's elation that finally vacation! For most of them it's just see you later or maybe next school year, but for me, well it's more than that. It's "nos vemos, adios," and it's really "Good bye." Since I decided to move schools, it's time to wrap this experience up into a nicely folded scrapbook of memories. 6 years spent at this school. Two of them when I was freshly arrived in Florida, and then these last years.

This school seemed like a shopping mall to me, with it's huge ceilings and hallways. It still is. The Burgundy. I cannot deny there is so much I am going to miss about this place. Tons. My colleagues, some who will forever be treasured friends will be sorely missed. But today it was the students most of all who shook my sheltered heart. It all came to a head as I saw them leave campus. I recalled how hard they strive to forge a future for themselves. How a summer matures many of them, giving them time to reflect about their errors and how they should treat each other and teachers. Darn, it is usually after I have given them a couple of referrals. Then there are those that are so promising, you have to thank God for allowing us to have them in our class to encourage them to aspire to great things. It almost makes me cry. You pray they will try and believe in the gifts within them.

These last hours seem like the sand of an hour glass when only a few grains are left and they are quickly going down and you can't stop them. Last week, "I wondered will the 9th ever arrive?", and now it's ten fifteen in the evening and midnight is almost here leaving me with only Thursday and Friday, to say goodbye to friends. Adios. Me voy. Nos vemos en Facebook. I'll see you on Facebook. Collect my boxes, take a photograph of the board with all the messages saying I love you Ms. Vazquez. I love you, too! Adios Cypress. I don't think I will ever forget you. Thank you for the memories.


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