What kind of plant is this?


A bilingual riddle or enigma.

Some clues:

It's in bloom everywhere in Central Florida.

It like a wildflower bush.

It has beautiful flowers clustered in bouquets.

It has a wonderful fragrance.

What is it?

Veo veo, que ves? Una cosita. Con que letrecita? Con la letrecita F.

Unas flores blancas

Estan florecida en toda Florida Central

Es como una llerba mala

Tiene la fragrancia de perlas brillantes.

I think I know why it smelled so nice. Maybe the bush isn't that fragrant after all. If you look closely at the picture you might figure it out? Something is hiding in there.

Que es?
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Anonymous said…
is that queen anne's lace? if so that is my fave to photograph...

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