96 Degrees and Under a Shaded Tree

It was a sweltering 96 degrees in Orlando today. 96 degrees. Let that sink in. We had had the most pleasant weather up to now, in the 80's though many of my friends are not complaining but I must admit, I tried to stay out of the sun! Neighbors in the shade waved and wanted to talk a little, and yes I stood in the sun for the time it took me so say less than 50 words and then politely excused myself with the "no can do. It is 96 degrees and my things will melt if I don't put them away... and I will see you guys later." To which they replied, "No problema. See ya." They understood.

Today was one of those days, to drink plenty of ice tea with lemon, on a chaise lounge, under a huge shady tree. Okay, I did one of the three which was the ice tea in my comfortable air conditioned house. Imagine if it were the 1800's when this was Mosquito County! I would have probably been bathing in the Wekiva and fanning myself profusely... glad it is 2010!

Stay cool.


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