Old Florida Today or the St John's River





It just seems that St. John follows me or I follow St. John. Ummm. Got to think about that. San Juan = St. John, I was on St. John island in South Carolina, and I went down Colonial Hwy, Route 50 just before it meets Interstate 95, so I could look at the St. John's river overflow its banks. Enough about coincidences about St. John. All this tells me is that Christianity permeates our society and it is our strength and heritage. We are so fortunate.

Anyway, here is the St. John's River, overflowing it banks so much so that the fence is almost covered. These pictures were taken on the Saturday before Mother's day when I took that whirlwind trip to Miami. This was the quiet before the storm. It is a little quiet boat dock with benches and parking to contemplate the beautiful Old Florida with the St. John's quietly and slowly meandering north towards Jacksonville. I am so glad there are little bits and pieces of that old Florida left. It's nice to visit them now and then.
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