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The top picture is sunrise on Mother's Day, then JD took me around South Beach for breakfast and it seemed like Saturday because they had booths set up with antiques and all the restaurants were open serving brunch. It was so crowded we decided to go to a brunch at a friends house. It was very nice and we had a lovely time having Mother's Day with O's family in Key Biscayne. The traffic into the beach was incredible, and fortunately we beat the rush out, too. That's one thing, I have to say about Miami there are people everywhere.


shotz by barb said…
Elba, I am also from CF but was born and raised in Miami...Love all the pics you have sent...I miss Miami...forever ago my little one loved to go to Lincoln Road Mall for Cafe Cubano...mmmmm
Elba said…
Hi, Barb:

My son is in Miami and I really enjoyed visiting him there. It's an amazing cosmopolitan city and I was dazzled by it, but I don't think I could keep up with its fast pace and huge traffic. I'm happy to be here in Orlando. BTW I saw your profile, and it said you like to collect Church cookbooks and that you write. Are you going to start a blog soon?

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