A Sunrise


One of the nicest things about getting up at 5:30 in the morning is the chance to catch a spectacular sunrise. Though this golden gilded sunrise was taken before Daylight Savings Time kicked in, it was still taken extra early. This is just one of the gorgeous sights I catch on my 23 mile trek to work on the 417. Some mornings I have seen chilly lakes covered with mist, other times glistening with frost or sometimes whole field wrapped in fog. The other day, a field had hay rolled up in cyclinders neatly stacked with mist around them. Breathtaking! So beautiful it made me laugh. I know I should have stopped to take a picture that now I regret not taking. How about last week when it was gazzilion birds all flying over head, heading God only knows where. Other times it's different sized herons and egrets all gathered on the edge of a retaining pond. All pictures I have neglected to take in my hurry to my destination. How often I have considered stopping. One of these days I will, one of these days.
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