NASA Curious News

Just doing some stream of consciousness net surfing. First, I was listening to some music on You Tube, which of course if I put a link up for immediately some one in the know will take it down in a second. So just know that if you like a song, all you need to do it google the name, and you will probably find it on You Tube.

So after listening to the Gaither Vocal Band singing "Yes, I know", I was wondering what Joseph Acaba was doing, but I found the same old same old online, and wandered into a blog, named the South Chicagoan, whose author was defending himself against some critics after he wrote an article about Joseph Acaba, and actually he was much too defensive. We say in Spanish, "cuando el rio suena," meaning something had to be up if so many people were critical of his article. Funny how he expected a professional review. Lamentable. But, by coincidence, I found that he had an interesting little piece of information about the Discovery flight STS-119 on his blog. Basically, NASA translated some news releases about the flight into Spanish. I found the link and updated my articles on Joseph Acaba that are constantly being checked by Spanish speakers. The link to NASA Spanish news . So just for that little bit of information. Thank you.

Then as I was checking out the website, which frankly, I should do more often, I found this tidbit about Climate Change, saying that the polar cap in the Artic is getting thinner, the ice that is. Then there was this cute little shrimp dancing around an area in Antartica that was being drilled by NASA. Curious. See them for yourself at NASA. I thought I had them mixed up, Artic and Antartic, but no, two poles and two different stories, but both chilling to the bone, I'm sure.


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