Tonight's the Night: The Three Kings come Tonight

La Vispera de Reyes! Cuantos recuerdos, los mios y los de mis hijos. It's Three Kings Eve which is even more exciting than the Day itself. You have to get the shoebox, la yerbita o grass for the horses, and water and place all of that carefully underneath the bed. Es una noche especial so full of excitement and expectancy because the Three Kings are actually going to come to your house, they are going to feed their horses and go all over the island distributing gifts.

Le tengo que tener unos regalitos a las nenas pa que los vengan a buscar aca en Orlando. It is also a great opportunity for grandparents, too. Since the Three Kings will deliver where ever, and sometimes, well most of the time they leave gifts at the grandparents house for their grand children to come collect. So it becomes a special time for the extended family, too. Later when I get home, I'll have to check tomorrow morning to see if Los Reyes left anything for Aay and Zee. They most assuredly will!


Lil said…
I'm so excited about 3 kings day! just love the camels and the grass part... we know the 3 kings were very wise and it is so nice of the children to leave grass & water out so they can complete their journeys.. :)

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