It might Snow in Central Florida

That may be nothing to people in Michigan, but for it to happen in Orlando is quite the news. In fact, just the chill in the air has been the reason several water parks have closed recently. So though my daughter is right when she says it is colder in NY, being that it has been in the teens, 40 and low fifty's as highs and lows in the 20s is really something for us here in Orlando. In fact it might snow on Saturday morning. I will have my camera ready just in case it does!

My back bedroom is quite cold so I wanted to buy a space heater but they were sold out in Walgreens and Target last night and they didn't know when any would be arriving. They had electric blankets, but I had heard a lot of negative feedback about those, so I didn't buy one. But I found a solution. So off to bed I go, having put my down comforter in the dryer for ten minutes. Can't write more because I will miss the warmth. You all stay warm. I'm trying!


Lil said…
Great idea about putting the comforter in the dryer-- toasty warm!
No-- it just should not be that cold in Florida... tho having a "snow day" would be a great Treat !
I love my electric blanket soooo much. We have a twin sized one that we spread sideways at the bottom of the bed to warm our feet. It has an auto-shutoff timer.

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