El Yunque Dec 2009

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A rainy day in the Rain Forest. Here are some of the pictures I took and liked the most. First the heavenly fragranced White Ginger which is actually more of a yellowish gold, than its name would imply. Next a Panoramic view of El Yunque towards the ocean with Yagrumo and Sierra Palm trees as a backdrop. Then the Huge Mountain with the open rock area with hides an Indian Face. To find the face, click on the picture look at the larger rock area and the last two thirds of the rock shows an Indian face. It's amazing. I wonder if the Taino Indians actually carved it. Finally, the last picture is facing inland perhaps towards Mt. Britton, covered with a misty cloud. It had been a long time since I had the opportunity to take pictures leisurely as a tourist and not have to drive to El Yunque myself. I am so grateful for the friends that took me there and helped me have a good time.
The day was wonderfully cool and full of people while the riverfalls and streams were full of gushing water. I am so thankful.


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