Thankful Today

Thanksgiving celebration began with the Pilgrims thanking God for his divine provision which revealed itself in many crucial "coincidences," that it proved to be truly remarkable. Yet how does that event in 1621 translate to our every day experiences?

Frankly, the act of giving thanks did not start with the Pilgrims. Being thankful is a natural response to others being kind, good, and generous with us. Someone was always good first. In our personal lives our parents primarily loved us and showed us the goodness or virtue of being thankful and we know God approves of us being grateful. Once the Lord Jesus encountered 10 lepers, and healed them all, but can you believe only one came back to thank him? He asked that one, but "where are the other nine?"

Truly, being thankful and having a heart full of gratitude is something our own hearts confirm. How many times have we done something for some one else and they don't thank you for it? Of course we are not kind in order to receive thanks. The word doesn't have to be uttered, a smile, a hug, a wink sometimes will do, won't it? But it is that acknowledgment that that act of goodness has not gone unnoticed, that just seems to make the act complete. So today is a good day to say thanks.

I give thanks for
for my children's kindnesses
free plane tickets,
time spent together,
family together,
grandchildren play,
chasing each other,
stores filled to
the brim with
and shoppers,
with children donating
so other don't go without,
Salvation Army voluteers
still ringing their bells,
I'm thankffor
soothing music,
fun games,
advancing studies,
challenging jobs,
and church,

But most of all,
Dear Lord we are thankful
for You in our lives
for forgiveness,
for purpose.
We, I, give you thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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