Pleasant experience

I was on a low cost no frills airline today and had a very pleasant experience. Is this possible? Yes, if the Airline is Air Tran Airways. They have comfortable seats which are roomy enough from the person sitting in front of you and they serve complimentary drinks, too. Today, I took a flight from Orlando to Detroit, and had a very nice flight attendant serve the people in coach as if it were first class. She was first class and that made all the difference.

I know airlines are aware that there is a lot of competition out there, but this was different. For example, there was a young man sitting next to me, traveling alone to Detroit. He couldn't have been more than than 14 and he took a nap and when he woke up, he was hungry. Drinks and snacks had long been served, but he looked around wondering if he could get something to eat. I suggested he ask one of the flight attendants. Before he could do so, a flight attendant came by and asked him if he needed help. He was all smiles when she came back with two bags of pretzels. Her kindness made a difference. When I had a chance I told her, and she just laughed as she was pleasantly surprised. I'm glad I told her because I think I made a difference, too. Way to go Air Tran Airways. I think I might use you more often.


Anonymous said…
Little things make a big difference! :) Sounds like a great start to your Thanksgiving week.
Enjoy! / Lil K.

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