Mark Harris at Northland


Mark Harris, lead singer for many years for the group 4Him was leading worship at Northland today and it was wonderful. Some of the songs he has written have been long time favorites, so when he sang a couple of them, well, I had to pull out some tissue. One of my favorites is the Christmas melody, A Strange Way to Save the World which I had always sung with my whole heart. Then he sang the one I sang when each of my kids left home, who were like beautiful birds I had perched on my hand. For each one, and I had to open my hand to release them like I was releasing a beautiful bird testing and then growing strong to fly far away. The song that embodied that reality was Find Your Wings So thank you Mark Harris for expressing so well what was deep in my heart.
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Lil said…
Glad your first day home could be filled with some special Joy. Good to see you. / Lil K.

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