Yard Work Pain

On Facebook I made a comment about my hurt shoulder. On a side note I am back to using Facebook with limitations. And yes, I spend entirely too much time on Facebook, trying to be humorous, friendly, and on rare occasion, witty, the latter which I must admit is not my forte. Setting all that aside, I made a comment there, on Facebook, about my sling. My sling, not to be mistaken by a slingshot by any means, which is a device to hurl things in the air; a sling on the contrary is used to keep your arm or other appendages in place, in my case my shoulder.

If you have been keeping up with me lately, you know my yard requires an upkeep appointment every Saturday. And to do such upkeep I have had some obstacles. First the yard, in the summer somehow ballooned to the size of a football field. Then the bushes all mushroomed as well. Next a pumpkin plant attempted a take over which was swiftly abutted by a timely hacking. Finally, to my dismay, my self-propelled mower, called it quits. So I had the ingenious idea to use the weedwacker to do the back yard.

I say ingenious though it would be the perfect idea for a much younger person, on this occasion it really was not for me. Frankly, I thought I was being cautious enough by dividing the yard into three sections, but finding it relatively easy proceeded to over exert my self with the ensuing result: a sprained shoulder. This first incident was dealt with, with ice, ibuprofen, and rest. After a couple of days, I was better. But for the last two weeks, I've mowed the yard with self propelled mowers, relying on the mercy of my friends. The mowing went well until I decided to prune back the trees in my back yard. I can remember it now, those two, or could it have been three rather large nobby scrawny branches? The point being that they were thick for my shears and I had to struggle turning every which way to be able to finally make them surrender. They made me pay the price.

So I hurt my shoulder. At first it was bad but I tried the same method mentioned above but when I had to go to work after the long weekend, that is when trouble began. Driving back and forth to work, began to take its toll. The turns which were meaningless before, now required preplanning, such as turning on the signal light with my right hand and then overextending my right hand over the steering wheel. This can be rather tricky if you have traffic behind you. To make a long story short, just driving home was a challenge, and going to sleep impossible. So I went to the doctor on Thursday night after driving home from work when the pain made the visit unavoidable. I left with a sling, and a bag full of medicines.

To be continued.


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