Why I haven't written lately or Making Lemonade

You know how they say, if they give you lemons, make lemonade. Well, that is what I have been doing! My lawn mower is not working and frankly, I don't have a bunch of money to spare and the grass doesn't care. It keeps on growing.

As it kept growing I checked out the mower. Not the oil; it has some. Not the air filter; I shook it out. NOT the spark plug; I bought a new one and replaced the old one. I think it is the carburetor. Do mowers have carburetors? I want to write that word with an a instead of an e (like rator) how it sounds.

Anyway, the grass keeps growing. So I thought a while and figured I could use the trimmer. I have a huge back yard. Well, huge for me. It must be at least 100 feet to the fence, maybe 75. I don't know but it is huge for me. So I thought I would tackle the job in thirds, a third a day, but actually I got two thirds done yesterday, and I just finished the back yard. I am so happy and I still have my back in good shape. Then tomorrow I will tackle the front yard which is desperately calling me, because as I said, the grass keeps growing.

By the way, I haven't been mowing the grass non stop. I have been painting. I had some Yupo paper that I bought at Cheap Joe's in Charlotte when I went to Billy Graham's childhood home. A great place to visit! Oh, my, I digressed again. I went off on a tangent. Not good writing. I hope none of my students see this. Not a good example, but it is a good example of stream of consciousness. Just letting your thoughts flow from one thought to another. I am delaying. That is all I am doing. I have been painting with Yupo and did a lovely Trinitaria or bougainvillea in deep fushia. I'll put it up soon.

I also did a huge painting of a cross, this on a regular 140 lb cold pressed full size sheet. That is a story in itself. I rarely use a full watercolor sheet. I have always been sort of afraid to paint something without value. To waste the paper, you understand. This paper is not inexpensive if you know what I mean. But I have been painting bookmarks and some of them, I have really liked and some of my friends have, too. So I ventured to try one of the bookmarks in a full sheet. It is a cross and it made me cry. The crying happened when I added what are supposed to be Christ's drops of blood at the bottom of the cross, they fell so realistically on the paper. Huge crimson droplets, dropping like a thud just like those huge drops at the beginning of a rain shower on the windshield. Just like that, but red, dripping, dropping down on the paper. It emotionally took me to the cross in Golgotha where his blood did drip and drop on the ground. I couldn't help but think of his sacrifice for our, for my salvation. Sometimes we sing of the cross and the blood, without any reality of what it cost.


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