Twitter to the Western Wall

To visit Israel. Pause. A sigh. I would love to walk the cobbled streets, amble along the shops, visit and touch the history worn walls of Jerusalem. See the Garden of Gethsemane. Go to the different gates. See the whole country. But most of all, put on a shawl, a prayer shawl, say a prayer, write my petitions on paper and squeeze it in a crevice in the Western Wall. I just read, I can do the latter, without actually going to Jerusalem. A young man has decided to receive tweets, print out our prayers, and insert them in the Western Wall for us. The Lord must have moved his heart.

What would I pray? Even so come Lord Jesus. That He would find us faithful. That He would find me faithful. To lead my family and my self to sit at his feet and look into His face. For the peace of Jerusalem and revival in our country.

I guess I already went over the limit for twitter, so I guess I better cut back. If you want to twitter your prayer go to the link and write your prayer. There is a good young man on the other side who is going to read your prayer.

Post note: It is interesting but when I got to the moment of truth, I didn't really write what I had thought. Though all those things above were noble requests, that is not what I did. I had only one request. The rest was different. You must realize that you only have 140 spaces to write on so on Twitter you must let your words be few. A more direct link to The Kotel.


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