Seneca State Park CRC Picnic

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It was a misty rainy day at Seneca State Park right off of Lake Seneca in upstate New York and frankly we thought it would be a wash out, but it turned out fine. In fact, if it had been sunnier, I think it would have been too hot and to cool off we would have needed bathing suits, which many of us did not bring. So it was just as well.

There is a beach available for swimming on the weekends, a water park with several different options and plenty of picnic tables as well as shelters that can be rented out. The pastors did rent out a shelter. Regardless of this, I do need to warn you, with all this rainy weather there are plenty of bugs around including mosquitos, so please get some sort of protection so you will not have anything to regret later.

A nice breeze, good company, and really good food, made up for the see-saw weather. You can see I took plenty of pictures, and there was so much nature to view, but I just couldn't put up all the pictures.


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