Terreno de mi familia. My family heritage, this little piece of land that has been in our family for over four to five generations at least. Los Morales Morales, Morales Acosta. Just a bunch of Morales, with their stories of digging and burying treasures, with their legends, which are probably just a bunch of bologna, but their are myths indeed. Then the stories of the better known ones who were lawyers, large land owners, and the people who ceded the land where Naranjito was built.

The real treasure though is the land it self. If cultivated it will serve you and bring you wealth. You just have to work it. My aunt Sarita, planted a bunch of fruit trees that are still bearing even to this day. The breadfruit, the papaya, grapefruit, and plantains are bearing fruit in abundance. Then the beautiful trees with flowers, like the Flamboyan and the Acacia just bring you joy to look at as well as the crazy crotons. Well,it is as much home as any place will ever be to me. It has been like my only constant among so many places where I have settled my hat. But Naranjito is where I have settled my heart.

It was such a good day to go up there and breath deeply even with all the Sahara Dust and click away.
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