Super Shots by Promise -Activ

First I must begin by saying, I was not paid to write this. I am writing about this product because it has helped me and perhaps others can benefit from my experience. It also is not medical advice, but what worked for me. With all that clarified I hope you will read this for any good you can get from it.

Everyday, I have to take medication to keep my blood pressure in check. The reasons are both about what I eat but also about how I react to things around me. Being a teacher, I deal with very active energetic, often times loud students constantly asking questions with resulting stress. On the other hand, I often end up eating food that is often salt laden. Together they send my blood pressure up.

In addition to the blood pressure issue, I was also noticing that I was showing signs that everything was not quite right in my blood circulation. About a year ago, by the middle of the day my right ankle was also starting to swell. I guess I inherited some faulty genes that combined with my faulty food choices was affecting my blood circulation.

On the other hand, I knew that sodium was the culprit. We have salt in fries, salt in on our eggs at breakfast, salt in the bacon, salt in the sodas, salt in processed foods, salt in candy (!) to make it sweeter they say, salt in almost everything we consume. I bet we consume more salt in our food than sugar.

Not only did I start making some real changes in my salt consumption. No sodas, and maybe half a cup of soda when nothing else was available, and that was maybe every six months. I also quit adding so much salt to my food. I actually bought a salt substitute. I stopped adding those tasty salt cubes to my beans, used more fresh ingredients for flavor, less salt to my rice, and so forth.

Though I attacked the salt problem directly, my ankle was still getting swollen. It seemed that nothing I did helped. I continued to raise my legs. I continued my blood pressure medication and I began multivitamins. I ate bananas often, sometimes twice a day and broccoli. Still my ankle persistently swelled. I was starting to believe there was no hope for my ankle, thus my heart since I knew the swelling was related to heart health. Worst yet I thought it was that I was coming into old age! Then a friend told me about a product her husband was taking.

Adolfo avidly takes a regimen of vitamins to keep his health at its peak and is always looking for good products. When I first saw it I thought it was a liquid yogurt, since they place it near the yogurts, but it wasn't. It is liquid health!! It's from Promise Activ, which produces Super Shots. I have seen that they have two products on the supermarket shelves. The one I am talking about is to help control Blood Pressure.

At first I was only taking one little bottle, since in the supermarket they sell the smaller quantities, I can't remember now if it is four to six little bottles per package. The first thing I remember was that the first time, I took it my potassium starved body felt a whole lot better. Then I took it before a flight down to Puerto Rico, and for the first time my feet didn't get swollen after the flight.

After I came back, I found that I had to take the product consistently every day if I didn't want it to swell as much. So I tried something different. Just for starters this is not medical advice. This is what I did. I started to take two bottles a day. One in the morning and one at night. I did this for about three days, then I really started to see the difference. My ankle stopped swelling!! But I was also listening to my body. I found that I had enough potassium in my blood system and had arrived at a good level, so I went back to one bottle a day.

I have that one bottle in the morning, drink enough water to help my kidneys flush out the impurities. I am still trying to find the happy balance with the Super Shots: maybe it is a bottle and a half a day. I just need to do a little more tinkering but the bottom line is I am getting better.

My ankle is less swollen. A lot less swollen. Because the swelling is down I am starting to walk better, since my feet were also suffering. In fact, near my toes some nerves were hurting. Everything is interrelated. My feet hardly hurt now. I can walk faster without pain. So I have a bigger smile on my face for sure. It's like I have gotten my youth back. It is a nice feeling, believe me.

I found that you can purchase a larger box of SuperShots at the big retail stores, such as Costco, Sam's, and BJ's for less money. Since this is a health issue, for me that is the route to go. I am very excited and hopeful that my health is going to improve in a lot of different ways!

So bravo to Promise-Activ's Super Shots people!! Thank you very much for your product! It is making a world of a difference for me. Gracias!


armouris said…
info on less salt here - Eat Less Salt and here - Salt Can Cause Cancer
Elba said…
Terrific concise article on less salt consumption. Thanks for sharing.
Maggie said…
Muchas Gracias on your message. Believe it or not you probably saved my life. You see I too am a teacher and I might add I have a 10 year old autistic daughter and recently finished my masters program. You can see my life has been beyond hectic...o yea and I have rheumatoid arthritis. For six months I have experienced excessive ankle swelling only it is my left. I recently was diagnosed with high blood pressure and I too have tried to follow the rules, but as we speak my left ankle looks and feels horrible. I came across your blog by the grace of our Lord and I believe what you say and intend to start the regimen of the supershots immediately. My mother takes the cholesterol ones and swears by them. I just want to say thank you so much. Please let me know how your health is coming along. I pray that you do get better as I.
Elba said…
Hi, Maggie. Thank you for your kind remarks. Again, I just need to repeat the importance of keeping the salt intake down. For a couple of days I really cut back on my consumption of cheese which you know is full of salt and I am trying to eat a lot more fresh fruits. I am feeling just fine thank you, but basically since it is summer time, I am trying to be more active in spite of the fact that is really hot here in Orlando these days. To stay active I do my outdoor activities early in the morning before it gets too hot, but I have been sweating out there anyway. And you know what? That is a good thing so take advantage that we are on vacation to breathe clean air and get out there.

About the Super Shots they are meant to help you and give you some relief, but we all need to make changes. I took some Super Shots four days in a row and found I had rapid heart beat on the fourth day. So you have to know your body. I also bought a lot of bananas, so I try to alternate where I get my potassium. We have to take responsibility for our health and keep learning how to improve our health. I am wishing you and your family the best!

About your autistic daughter, God bless you and her and may her health improve day by day. God is so good. I hope you go to a good church because it can make a big difference in how you deal with life. Again best wishes.
Anonymous said…
Promise Activ Super Shots are being Discontinued...
You can call the Rep at 800-375-0291..the rep said if they get enough calls, they might put it back on the market.. Please call!
Anonymous said…
I recently learned that this product was discontinued. The gentleman at the grocery store suggested that the makers of lipitor might be behind this. Has anyone else heard this? If this is true we must be able to do something to expose this.
Anonymous said…
I have been researching any claims regarding Promise Activ Super Shots and found the following.

This PA based law firm is investigating the high blood pressure lowing claims. There may be some lawsuits that pressured them to remove the product. Pity.
Anonymous said…
I've tried SuperShots for High Blood pressure and was amazed at the results. I am a high tension person whose blood pressure runs usually 145 / 90, so of course my doctor wanted to start me on blood pressure medication. I refused. Basically because I have been in the medical profession most of my life and I know the "business" behind the pushing of certain drugs by doctors who get paid off in one way or another by the drug companies. So, I did a little research on what this product claims to do and how potassium is supposed to work in your body. After making sure I was not putting myself in danger, I believe this product would work. I challenged my doctor on my next visit by telling him I probably could get my blood pressure down in a few weeks. So I purchased the product took two bottle a week, one on Wed and one on Saturday. I ate a good diet with very little salt, which I had always done anyhow. When I went back to the doctor to review my blood work from a few weeks ago, I had him recheck my block pressure. HE TOOK IT 3 TIMES, because he could not believe the change. My blood pressure was 115/70. What a drastic change? No the doctor started asking me all kind of questions about the product, what else I was doing and why I thought it worked.

My advise is, try the product. If it works for you great. If not, no big loss. The product cant hurt you. I would however check with a doctor if you are already on medication to make sure the plant sterols dont interfer with your medication.

Anonymous said…
Can we spread the word through twitter and other social media sites? PLEASE have people call the number. I too have found that these products worked! And now that I can no longer purchase them, I need to find something else. I cannot take medications that is why the Supershots were so great!

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