The Battery Part 2

Here are more pictures of the Battery, with a street that could have been transported directly from England, it is so British. Then I can not convey to you what is not evident in the pictures and can not be captured with a camera. The fragrances! Sweet jasmine intertwined with freshly bloomed roses caressing you with a light breeze. You have to be there to appreciate, I think. Then a further walk north you arrive at the park with The Fort Sumter House bordering it on the south on Kings Street. Then majestic long branched oak trees, restored black cannons with harmless cannon balls carefully stacked nearby right next to comfortable benches. Across the bay you can see Ft. Sumter where the first shot of the American Civil War was fired, incidentally, by a Citadel cadet! It is worth the visit.
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vuejardin said…
Very beautiful landscape

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