The Weather in Orlando

Well it was a nippy 37 degrees when I headed to work this morning, and yes, I am happy to report the Elephant Ears were not drooping. Yay! I did cover a lot of my plants and I was so proud when I did, too. You know I thought, I love seeing these plants give me color, texture, and fascinating variegated designs, and if they died I would have to do with out them or spend money to buy new ones. Now I wouldn't be a very good steward if I just sat back and let them die. So I got off my derriere and got into action in spite of the fact that it was cooling off fast. After I finished I felt a lot of satisfaction that I had done my part. They are still out there with their winter covering on for at least for one more day, since the temperature is going down again tonight. I might take pictures in the morning of my blankets and those that others have put up. It is sweet to see. You realize that people love their homes and surroundings. Not a bad thing really. Not bad at all.


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