This is a Meme

It is fun! Try it.

Rules: This is harder than you may think!
Copy this message to your own notes, delete my answers and add your own, send it to 20 people.
With all answers use the first letter of your first name.
Everything needs to be true, no fiction. If the person before you has the same letter you must change the answers. You cannot use the same answer twice, or your own name with the questions about boy / girl names.

1. What is your name?: Elba

2. Four letter word: Earn

3. Girl's name: Elvira

4. Boy's name: Edwin

5. Profession: Electrician

6. Color: Emperor's Gold

7. Something you can wear: Earring

8. Food: Egg Plant

9. Something you have in your bathroom: Eye drops

10. Place: Erie Canal

11. Reason to be late: Emergency

12. Something you shout: Extra Extra Read All About IT!

13. Movie: ET

14. Drink: Eggnog

15. Music band: Everly Brothers,

16. Animal: Eagle

17. Street name: Elm Street

18. Car brand: Elise, Lotus

19. Song: EL Beso, El Dia Que Me Quieras

20. Activity that takes more than two persons to do: Embrace a Group


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