Playing with Sculpey

Sculpey is a moldable clay that you can buy cheaply mostly at the arts and crafts stores around town. I bought mine at Jo Anne Fabrics and immediately started to make earrings and funny things with it. That huge one is a pendant. This was months ago, but when I went to my daughters blog a Coqui at Winterfell, I found that my granddaughter Zee had made something with Sculpey that looked a lot like my terracota and white ones. So here are mine for little Zee to see. Next time I go to visit or you visit me, we can make some creations using Sculpey.
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Ana said…
Zee's comment: OOOOOOOOoooooh! and I showed her the ones where you had made impressions in the sculpey like she had done and she liked to see that you did it too.
Elba said…
Yep, it's fun. Give her a wink for me!

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