Getting rid of my DVR

Why? It was costing me too much on my fixed income and inflated economy. You can't expect to stretch your dollar if you keep spending too much. So this is what the box looked liked when I packed up my DVR (the dish is outside) with all my episodes of last year's Amazing Race, never watched, my old telenovelas, which I shouldn't have , and about a trillion recordings of Beverly Exercise that I definitely should have worked out on. ( I do have some VHS of Beverly Exercise that I will dust off; VHS ooohhhh what is that? I can just hear my students say.) Anyway, when I disconnected my DVR to my surprise I can pick up all the local and Christian channels, WMFE the PBS station that is only down the street from here, and even one Spanish language station, all for FREE!!! So yeah, I can live with that. Free sounds real good to me, and I already have a digital television set and I requested the doodad to change my analog to digital. I know Rosita is going to be proud of me. But more importantly, I am proud of myself, and I know I can make better use of my time and the money I was spending there. Maybe kicking back and reading. Maybe painting and buying painting supplies, umm even paying my utilities and food. The list goes on and on. I will be okay and will thrive. Good its done.
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That's great. We'll have to get you set up with BitTorrent. There's also Hulu, which has a TON of old and new TV shows you can watch on your PC for free.
This article is from last year, but I think everything still applies: Six Ways to Catch Your Favorite TV Shows
Anonymous said…
Amen woman....wish I could bring myself to do it too....too much time wasted on tv for sure!

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