So I Voted.

Why was I so nervous last night? I was waking up like every two hours it seemed. I didn't think I was anxious, at least that is what my head told me, but body didn't believe it. Finally six thirty came around and I started to get ready. My plan was to be at the Risen Savior Lutheran Church, by 7:15, so as to give myself at least 45 minutes to make it to school. My prior experience there had alway been quick.

So, I chose my clothes carefully, just like I have always done when there is an election. Since I am a registered independent. I have always enjoyed that status and making those candidate understand that they don't have me in their pocket. So back to the clothes. I debated if to wear a yellow long sleeve blouse as I was going early in the morning and it was cool outside, but it made me look washed out so I chose a green short sleeve blouse with a grey skirt and black windbreaker instead. I thought I was safe wearing sap green, my favorite color, but after talking to Annie, it turned out not to have been the right choice after all because there is a Green Party and according to her the candidate "es una loca." So I laughed heartily. All that careful color choice for naught.

Anyway, it was fun but hectic to stand in line for half an hour, to get my ballot, only to have to wait another half hour before I could deposit it. At least the wait wasn't four hours like in early voting, but the same enthusiasm was still there, and I enjoyed it. Got to talk to all sorts of people who were just as friendly as could be and time passed quickly. The only thing I didn't like was that there was too much talking in the area where we were voting, and when I was trying to understand some of the legalese jargon used in the ballot it was difficult to concentrate when others were talking loudly. Because of this, I had to take extra long to vote. Next time I think I will try absentee ballot, but I am such a people person that I am afraid to miss out on all the fun. However, it wasn't so much fun standing for a whole hour only to go to work and stand for hours again. Absentee ballot doesn't sound like that bad of an idea, after all.

Nevertheless, it is a great day for democracy that we are able to exercise our right to vote peacefully and make a difference. So hurray for democracy. Hope you got your vote out!


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