Getting ready for Tonsillectomy

Getting my yucky tonsils out, thank God. If this is what is going to help me feel better in the long run, well so be it!! It is going to be painful is what I understand. Everybody has been trying to prepare me for the worst and telling me how awful it is going to be, but I just pray to God it will not be as terrible as they all say. Maybe that is wishful thinking but it is what it is. So am I wringing my hands a little? Yes, but it's like having a baby, maybe if I do the choo choo pant I will not feel the pain as much. Is that possible? Because I must say, having my babies was quite the challenge.

I get the impression God is really intent on me losing weight. Enough is enough, I guess. God has never been subtle with me because I sometimes have a hard time understanding, so object lessons are in order. This is no longer an object lesson. This is no longer vicarious. Nope this is concrete. The real thing.

My God, so many lessons. Lose weight. Save money for a rainy day. Be responsible! Close my mouth. Listen more. Interpret peoples good intentions. Let myself be loved, even if it is tough love sometimes. They care enough to get involved. What a good family I have including sons in law. God bless them all.

So back to tonsillectomy, Course 101. Buy soft foods, cold foods, ummm yummm , ice cream (wash these down with water), fruit bars. Sherbert, I love those, but citrus is supposed to not be so pleasant going down. Avoid acid foods. Jello is good. Macaroni and cheese. Puree foods at room temperature. Talk to my daughter, Ana about her tonsillectomy. Just did. One more item of advice, start drinking water at the start of the day, and chew my drink. It helps.

Go shopping and clean the house. Woooooo, clean the refrigerator. Did that. Clean the stove. Wash clothes. Vacuum house. Throw trash away. Why all that work? Well, first of all I will not feel like doing much of that when I come home and secondly, friends will be coming over. Love my friends but they may check the dust!! hahahaha.

So that is my impression of how to start getting ready for my tonsillectomy. Complicated but I think it will pay off in the long run. God bless us all.


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