Larry the Dragon Fly

After I wrote my speel yesterday about my pottery animals, I went outside to hang some clothes in my porch. Before I hung anything, I went and got close to the screen and scanned the yard for my possible black snake. No sighting today, but instead a very curious thing happened. There was this beautiful dragon fly with iridescent turquoise colors, also scanning my yard. He would fly around in almost a perfect circle and come back again. He must have done that at least 50 times, never stopping to rest. I had enough time to go back into the house, locate my camera and take a couple of picture. Many more than three, but these are the ones that came out because as you know dragonflys are very elusive. So there's Larry near the fence. Larry seeming to be landing on the neighbors roof (only an illusion), and then Larry flying high and very distinct. These pictures did him no honors as he was exceedingly more beautiful than I could capture. Oh well, maybe some other time.
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