The San Juan Star

An Ode to the Star
Light a candle
What stories did I read
there? Yeah, not in order
the one on Rayos Gamma,
Cerro Maravilla with
its villians who defrauded
us not only of hope but
of decency and honor
Then Marisol Malaret being
crowned, others
the Best Dressed in town,
Damas Civicas,
the Supplements, the scores
from all the sports
from National League
to Pee Wee Football
Dug up reviews of
High School musicals
Ricky Martin
to tiny advertisements
which took a
magnifying glass to see
Do I now have any copies?
Famous writers
Pulitzer winners
Overseas Press Club deliverers
While others were
shouting- maybe
it was the language
the difficulty and
cutlery of a second language
It whispered
level headed the news
that rocked and shook
our country
It laughed with
Beetle Bailey
Made us dream with
Prince Valiant and
settle with Dr. Morgan, MD
What was the Star?
A light, a flash, a meteor?
Whatever it was we
thought it would last more
but alas
it has succumbed
Goodbye dear friend.
How do you bury a Beacon?


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