Closing Prayer at the Democratic Convention

It was said by my Senior Pastor, Joel Hunter, at the Democratic Convention. Go to this link at Northland a Church Distributed to see it:

He has received a lot of flack for it, yet he stood his ground and went to the convention to give the benediction. Personally I thought it was a beautiful and heartfelt benediction. I thought a lot of you would like to see it, especially my dear Democratic relatives.

I'm an independent myself, only my ballot knows for sure.


Ana said…
I posted a link to earlier in the week at one of the forums I participate in. I think he did a great job, and I thought he had a wonderful responsible reason for accepting despite the fact that he is a registered republican. I thought it was interesting that Cameron Strang who was asked at the same time back out, saying that since he was a republican he didn't feel it was right and that he some how would be seen as endorsing. Recommended someone else, Don Miller to do the prayer in his place and ended up changing his affiliation to Independent afterward.

I really like Pastor's Joel prayer, what a huge stage, to show a positive loving face of Christianity in America.
Elba said…
I could not have said it better. It is a sad testimony that Christian often times do not feel confident enough to go to any arena and stand for the name of Christ. It is just as well that it was Pastor Joel that did it, since he is a man who is respectful of people of all faiths and who is strong in his.
Elba said…
I need to address my last comment. Not everyone is called to take such difficult stands and I don't want to be judgmental, but again I am still glad Pastor Joel was the one.

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