Weekend of Feasts

I had a wonderful weekend, and I know it isn't over till midnight so I might still have some time to paint a couple of paintings: hopefully something worthwhile.

Feast for the ears. I don't know if I should have left this for last, but if I go in chronological order this is first. On Friday night, there was a Michael W. Smith concert at Northland's new sanctuary. The music was awesome, and I stood most of the time praising the Lord with my hands lifted high especially when he sang Alleluia and Healing rain. There was one moment, when the crowd was singing accapella that I could swear, which I don't, but "de verdad," it sounded like there were angels singing with us. Just remembering it leaves me in awe.

Feast for the heart. Then Saturday, it was Sandrita's graduation. Sandrita, Maria's daughter just graduated from the University of Central Florida from the school of Education. Maria and Adolfo know how to celebrate and we all had a wonderful time. Congratulations Sandrita on becoming a Spanish Teacher. Hope you will find a good job soon!

Then today, I had a feast for the eyes! I went downtown to the Orlando Museum of Art and saw a Norman Rockwell exhibition. Just wonderful! You know how Norman Rockwell captures so much emotion and joy in his paintings and he also captures a century with his brush. He starts the century with long dresses, tons of different styles, cultural nuances, events, struggles, the dignity of work, the strength of the hardworking common American people and their values and dreams. Though he was a very popular artist he did not shy away from telling it like it is. One of his most important works have to do with the civil rights movement and it honors three martyrs of the cause who were killed by racists men in the South. He also painted the brave little Black girl who goes to school in her pure white dress to carve the way for others to eliminate segregation. It is a worthy exhibition .

If someone were to ask me what I learned, well, I would have to say that he put in a great deal of work into his paintings. He would do carbon drawings and in fact several drawings before actually completing each one. He took pictures and he also had models. It was time consuming work and he was meticulous about it and that may be why he is a master artist.

Which ones stood out to me? I am debating, but there are so many, but the one with the policeman and the little runaway having a soda together at the soda fountain. Umm that was so sweet, and then there was the homecoming at Christmas time and a whole crowd of people with so much joy waiting to hug the young man, who is son, grandson, brother, neighbor, etc. As I saw the exhibition, I was able to listen to the audio narration with little quips and interesting side notes that made the exhibition clearer and more complete. The exhibition goes on through to May 26 and I am so thankful I got to see it. You can go to www.OMArt.org for more information.


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