After the Feast

You know you can not stay on the mountaintop every day. Which reminds me when I went to the mountains outside of Calgary, in the Canmore area, this past April, well April of '07, and it was so beautiful I just wanted to stay there for at least a month or maybe forever, at least in the spring and summer. The air was so clean, the trees so green, snow on the mountains, and adventure lurked behind every pine. Would a Grizzly jump out as I scurried after a chipmunk? The thought kept me a little on edge, but as we drove past one mountain range after another the thought didn't linger. The sights were too breathtaking. I truly would have wanted to stay at least a bit longer to walk through that dry river bed that I saw fleetingly. But alas I could not stay. Very much like all the pleasant times I had this weekend.

So I was a little grumpy today, because of things going on in my life and just plain exhaustion. After waking up at five thirty and working all day, I came home and took a well deserved nap. Later I read for a while from a book called 90 minutes in Heaven. The author, Don Piper, also wanted to go back to the place of no pain, but life and family, and friends demanded he remain, and he tells his story. Anyway, just as I was waking up from my nap, a friend called me to see if I wanted to walk, and that was the little push I needed. Though she coped out at the last minute, I was already dressed and ready to go, and I debated, will I go or not? Finally, I did.

I am so glad I did, too. I gazed at the beautiful sky all dressed in lilac, grays, and pinks. Then as I rounded the corner, I walked into a line of Jasmin dangling from a fence, and as I stopped to breathe in their enticing fragrance I really wanted to make a diadem, but didn't. Then I got a spring in my step and a sense of satisfaction that I was doing something for myself and my health. Something I should be doing everyday.

Though I did have a close encounter with a small annoying dog, I will not let that deter me. When I was almost home, a mother and her son came out between two houses. He with his fishing pole, and I thought they were on their way to the lake and I wished them good fishing but it turned out they had just come back. The mother said, "Tomorrow will be another day," and hopefully then the fish would bite. She was so right we need to have hope that tomorrow will be a better day. Maybe tomorrow the fish will be biting.;)


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