Pinones and Alcapurrias de Jueyes

There is nothing more Puerto Rican I guess than some well made alcapurrias de jueyes (jueyes are crabs). Because mom's memory is faulty, I document a lot of the things we do together and yesterday we decided to go to the best place in town for alcapurrias and bacalaitos (cod fish fritters). Darn, I should have taken a picture of the inside of the kiosk where they had all the alcapurrias and crisy bacalaitos all lined up on a shishkabob stick, soaking in the heat from the big oil kettle. Hopefully no transfats and zero calories! Ha ha.

We went at just the right moment because there was hardly anyone, but as people streamed by and saw cars parked and people eating the place got full. The lady there was kind enough to fry us fresh alcapurrias,and then for some unknown reason she barely charged us. I think it must be mom's silver hair that did it. Tomorrow I will try to take a picture of the place. I would say it is about a mile and a half from the entrance to Boca de Cangrejos, just past the big open area for parking on the right and the pool of sea water on the left. Anyway you can see Mom enjoying her alcapurrias at our seaside oasis.

Later we went down to the beach at a real serene little spot, which has a posita or pool and I waded in the posita and collected shells while Cuchi, mom's nurse, sat with mom and both enjoyed the ocean waves churning, rising and falling, and shimmering in the sunlight while they sat under the shade of a palm tree. Unfortunately I would not recommend you do the same thing unless you go on the weekend or with a larger group since the place is a bit solitario. Instead, I think it is better to park near the open parking area which is being restored. Around Easter weekend PR had a pretty bad winter storm whose waves hit the area furiously and caused the road to be closed for several days. Terracota sand was still piled up ten feet high on the side of the road even yesterday when we drove by.
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