Puerta de Tierra, sere Puertorriqueña?

Today, Hector, Mami and I got together for lunch at EL Hamburger. One of the best places for hamburgers in town. The last time I had been there, it was with an old boyfriend chuchucientos años ago. Chucuchientos is a vague term so your kids can't come and correct you about how many years ago it was and that way they don't know if it was a boyfriend or a husband, whatever. Probably both. Anyway, the place is as good as always. I was amazed and pleased. They still had the blue cheese and plenty of sides. Lots of fun and you can't beat the view. That line of palm trees themselves, with the aquamarine ocean as a backdrop is enough to fill ones eyes and day.
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Elba said…
Gracias mi vida. Did you read about the Puerto Rican astronaut?

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