What 's in a weekend?


I know I am getting so boring with only paintings, but it's a passion I have which I had sealed and bottled up for so many years. Each time I paint, I feel I am learning a new stroke, a new angle, and sometimes things I wasn't expecting appear leading me to become a better painter.

Last week I showed my paintings to Maria and Aida, some Puerto Rican ladies at work and they both requested a Flamboyan. So by popular request, here is a Flamboyan I think I can be proud of, other than my abstract one. This one isn't quite finished, but it's getting there.

Then Rose B., my friend from Brooks, Alberta went with her hubby, Harry to Jamaica. She took a beautiful picture of the Caribbean or Atlantic (don't know which) from the resort they were staying at. The big difference is that Harry was visible in her picture taking a dip in the middle of the picture, while in my rendition Harry is swimming underwater.

Finally, a very exhausted Annie and family stopped over in Orlando and because their flight was delayed I got to spend a couple of hours with them at the airport. We went to the food court and hung out in the center where there is a saltwater aquarium surrounded by comfortable sofas and chairs, which make it a perfect family room setting. The girls ran around the aquarium under our watchful eye and started getting happy again. They snacked, relaxed, played at the arcade with their daddy, Annie and I got to chat and visit, and by the time they left everybody was happy and ready for the final lap home.

The weekend is not quite over but it has already been quite nice.
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Anonymous said…
Harry says it's a good idea for you to paint him swimming under the water.

I looked at my map and it appears to me that Jamaica is surrounded by the Caribbean. The Atlantic is on the other side of Cuba and Haiti.

Your rendition of the photo is pretty good. ROSE

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