Between painting and teaching, I spend quite a bit of time websurfing, like I am sure a lot of you do also. So where have I been lately, that I have consider worthy of bookmarking?

Here are some of my favorites, not necessarily in any order of importance:

www.wesh.com (this my local source for local weather that is accurate and visual)
they also have a neat resource celebrating Black History Month

terrific website for Lesson Plans currently on Black History Month
You know I love Art, so I decided that one of my students' projects
will be to create a Mural for Black History Month. So I followed
links to other websites after googling African American Murals, and
I am still searching for more murals. So far I have seen one
extraordinary book Walls of Heritage
Walls of Pride
. I hope to order that book from the Orange
County Library System online at:

www.ocls.com you can order books online and
have them delivered to your house, of course if you are an Orange
County FL resident and are carded.

www.artshow.com Where I just discovered all
sorts of info about classes, media, and links of sorts to everything

www.ehow.com Just found this one. (You will
want to check this one out.) So cool, because I have so many
questions about doing things and they have a wealth of answers. In
fact, a wealth of answers to questions I didn't know I had.
Hahahaha. Of course my spell check turns red each time I laugh.

Now do they have the answer to Ray Romano's question,"What is the
meaning of life?," voiced by his "daughter" on the show. Actually,
that one particular segment had a very insightful and subtle answer
to my amazement. Worth watching.

I am sure you can find some answers at:

Got to run because one link ties to another and then to another and another... since we are all linked together somehow, aren't we? =)


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