Taking the plunge in color


Funny how I have changed from just two years ago, from being me before painting, its as if I had found color in my life. I can't explain it, but you can see it in my house. I've taken down pale, lifeless painting and started to put up vibrant colorful painting in their place and some of them are my own, which fills me with joy.

Recently, my friend Maria and I set out to go to the Mount Dora art festival, but on the way we decided to wander through Apopka. As we roamed we discovered a new subdivision and we went in to see the latest in home design and we got a whole lot of ideas. One of them being the strong rich colors accenting at least one wall of each room. So this week I went into Lowe's Hardware Store and ventured to buy satin paint and decided upon a dark green not too dissimilar to the green in a healthy plantain plant. It really makes a lot of things pop and I love it. I love its richness. Of course now I have to repaint the other walls and I was considering a rich gold or quadricone sienna. OOhhh la la!!

Then about other things in color, I also revisited two paintings. "The Platanos" also needed to become richer so I added a deeper color to it. I had been looking at it for a week and felt it was too pale. Then the sunset needed some touch ups, too. So that is basically what I have been up. Painting, painting, painting and cleaning since Annie, Chris, and the girls are coming and I have to get my house ready for them. So excited!
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