Mt. Dora Stroll

I've decided that I would revist some of my favorite places in Central Florida before I move back to Puerto Rico, and since I had been working all week I made up my mind to take a break and go to Mt. Dora. First I went to the Lake Tabares Lake shore drive, and enjoyed the view. Then I went into town, and was a bit surprised, about how many other people, had had my same idea about spending their day there. So I parked near the Gables, then went to have lunch and tea at the Windsor Rose as has been my custom for the last ten years, and had the Chicken and Leek pie which was as good or better than ever. The new owner Sue Goodale from England, sat down to chat with me a while. Which let me share with her how nice I thought the service was, and all the nice memories I had of this Tea Room. I should have gone back as she invited me to do for tea. Next, I spent entirely too much money in the quilt store and later in the Country Things and Lace store, but of course to decorate my apartment in Puerto Rico. I don't regret a thing. How can you go to Mt. Dora and not shop!!!! The day just couldn't have been nicer; the weather, the people, and the place. Maybe in some distant future if all things work out well, I might return to Mt. Dora or Tangerine and retire and of course, yearn for PR. Who am I kidding? Well, I can come to the Victorian Inn, or the Lakeside Inn for a vacation. Now that is an idea. Got to run and pack. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Just please note that a beautiful little country church, stands at the entrance to Mt. Dora. What a nice statement.

Wasn't it a beautiful day?


The Author said…
I love tea rooms!
Elba said…
Then you need to visit the Windsor Rose British Tea Room. It is a delight!

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