El Conquistador and Las Croabas

Fajardo boasts one of the most beautiful areas on the island and it is no wonder why a hotel is built on a hill overlooking the Atlantic. Mami, Michelle and her husband, Victor, and I went to explore and have a nice lunch at Las Croabas. We ate a delicious lunch at Blue Bahia Restaurant overlooking the small bay and then went to walk around El Conquistador Hotel and Resort. The view is breathtaking and the two hour trip from town is very much worth the traffic. Michelle cut down that traffic time though by taking the newly opened Route 66 which avoids I would say about 15 traffic lights and takes you straight to the Outlet Malls. I hope to make this trip often. If you look at the pictures below, you will see Mami and Michelle, after lunch sitting in the small boardwalk area looking at the multicolored boats floating peacefully on the ocean. Later we went up to the Conquistador. Notice the Cruz the Malta orange flowers which upon close inspection form a Cross. Then also pictured is the fushia Trinitaria, also known as the Bougenvillea. That picture of the Trinitaria with the ocean in the background really captured the wonder of the place for me.


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