Tuesday, September 06, 2016

El legado de Roberto Clemente

Seis latinos nominados para el Premio Roberto Clemente http://bit.ly/2bRA9cr

Monday, September 05, 2016

Statistics and Joseph Acaba

I've had my blog for several years and several years back, I wrote a series of articles on Joseph Acaba and the fact that he loved Puerto Rico.  A son of Puerto Ricans who moved to the US mainland and had Joseph there, he never forgot his Puerto Rican roots. My niece, Michelle Kantrow,  a newspaper reporter and an Astronomy aficionado herself was the first who got me interested in Mr. Acaba.  Being a teacher to ESL students in Florida, I also was thrilled to offer them a positive role model in Mr. Acaba.  What I quickly realized was that most of the information on Joe Acaba was found only in English, so students had to search far and wide to find anything in Spanish, so wrote an article in Spanish.  En español!  What is ironic is that I am an English teacher but the article with most views is the one I wrote in Spanish.  It has had 4,245 views to date.  Two others have had 814 and 801 followed by one with 403 and 267.

So maybe I should write in Spanish?  Maybe I will go and rewrite those is Spanish as well.  I think there is a need. You think?

Gold Medals are not all the Same

Recently, I wrote an article on Monica Puig because she did a fabulous job of earning a very difficult gold medal at the Rio Olympics.  Considering how she fought for that medal by having to duke it out in various matches with the best tennis players in the world in a setting that involved a very hot sun and grueling matches make all those medals earned my high board divers and swimmers seem like a tea party in comparison.  I really think that how you have to earn your medal should make you medal count more.  It is like in high school, an A earned in a regular class does not have the same GPA value as a grade in an honors or Advanced Placement course.  It just can't.  It goes the same way when we consider medals.  There are simply some sports that require a level of endurance, skill, and practice that elevate the achievement to a higher level. I wonder if there is a way to measure this.  Food for thought.

The Abandoned Keys Saga

I lost my keys.  I went to the Holy Land, and left my keys with my favorite purse in the hotel I was staying at in Jerusalem! Have you ever lost some keys?  Places, doors, gates, and mail boxes which instantly open to you are suddenly out of your reach.  I can't believe how my life has been turned upside down because I don't have these keys, and suddenly, I have been thrust into depending on others, which is not bad in and of itself but also unusual for an independent person as myself. I also found myself having to spend more money than I had anticipated. Not a fun thing especially after such an expensive trip.

The part of depending on others is a bit bothersome for me because I don't like inconveniencing anyone but it has been an opportunity.  I am so thankful that I have such kind people in my life.  Yesterday, I wanted to take my car early to the car dealership to have a new key made and to my surprise after waiting over two hours for the tow truck, when it arrived he could not hook up my car! By then I had to get to a meeting and postpone the towing till the next day and head out to a meeting.  Fortunately a friend gave me a lift home.  Then today, I realized I would have to first buy a blank key at an auto parts store before I could go to the dealership to have the blank keyed. So a friend took me then brought me home.  When we got home. still without my mailbox key,  I saw that the mailman was about to leave my apartment complex.  I stopped him and he was so kind as to retrieve my mail!  I had so much mail, it was overflowing! So I got two blessings in one.

Next, I called AAA and they came immediately this time and hitched my car and I was so excited that I was going to be able to fix my car problem.  The only problem was that they don't have a guy all day keying keys.  They didn't tell me that when I called.  Now I have to go to the dealership tomorrow.  Can you believe it will cost me almost two hundred dollars to get a new key made! Can you believe that?

Fortunately, after about a week, I found a spare set of keys, which helped a lot.  Unfortunately, I had already spent the one hundred dollars for the spare key.  I learned so many lessons.  First, have a place for your spare keys.  Don't just put them in a drawer just before leaving on a trip.  Keep them in a regular place.  Also don't take your favorite purse on a trip, especially if it is half around the world away.  Finally, move on.  Life isn't perfect.  Learn  something and let it go.

What twenty-five dollars will buy

I had an old gift card from Williams and Sonoma, which was at least five years old.  I  am thrilled to say that they honored it after all this time. I went to their cute store at Mall of San Juan, just next to the Teodoro Moscoso bridge not more than ten minutes from home. I was able to buy all those cool gadgets above with the card! I only had to pay the IVU tax.  Sweet!

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