Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Looking for Beach Glass

Yesterday, I thought that I would go sea combing to find some sea glass and headed off to the beach.  Unfortunately I had gotten erroneous information and it wasn't low tide at all but instead the tide was coming in.  But my saga actually began on my way to the beach.  I entered Punta Tuna past the gates when a small car approached me coming from the beach and what looked to be young man with a hard look on his features asked me if they closed those gates. He already knew the answer.  There is a great big sign.  I said yes and in fact they would be closing the gate real soon.  I got a pretty good look at him and his girlfriend.  She had a white shirt and looked thin.  He had his hair trimmed and looked to be wearing a grey t-shirt.  I looked back as they left to see if they had left.  They delayed but I kept walking.  

I approached the beach and steadily made a move towards where I thought the sea glass might be but there was none to be found. It was then when I heard a whistle, and it was the couple standing on the forest's edge.  I ignored them and kept walking.  Then I turned around and they were still there.  That is when I reached into my bag and pulled out my phone and made a phone call.  First I called the guard, and had to leave a message because the guard was doing his round.  Then I proceeded to "call" my heavenly Father on the phone.  I "talked" for a while.  When the couple saw me "talking" on the phone they quickly left.  Then, I really started praying, asking God to send someone who could go down the deserted path with me.  Suddenly, to my relief and surprise, this tall man came jogging up around the corner on the beach.  I thought he would keep jogging passed me but instead he went into the path. I wanted to call out to him to wait up, but instead I thought I better keep up with him and started to jog as well.  Later I struck up a conversation with him as he stretched and did some boxing moves.  Turns out he lives in the area, born and raised in Maunabo.  After conversing with him and him telling me about some upcoming turtle sightings opportunities he left and went back into the path to continue jogging on the beach.  I am so grateful he came when he did! 

Thank you, Lord for your answer to my call! 

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