Friday, March 05, 2010

A Gorgeous Bug


A gorgeous bug if I have ever seen one. Does any one know its name?
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Flower of the Day


Wildflowers off route 50 near Brooksville, Florida. You just have to wait a couple of weeks to enjoy these again.

Can you believe we had frost this morning off of 417 and other Central Florida areas? Lots of us are still wondering if we are still in Florida. In years past, I have rarely had to wear my coat more than a couple of days during winter, yet this year it has been in my car for weeks. It was 41 degrees this morning when I got to work and tomorrow it will be a chilly 36 degrees. Fortunately, I plan to sleep in and it should warm up later in the day.
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For Life, Stamp Disappointed in Red over this Article

Stupak and his group caved in. Read the Orlando Sentinel article which summarizes how I feel.

Life is the answer. Health care in essence should be for life. Doctor's or Hippocratic oath includes duties and promises that promote life. In fact, in this ancient oath and in a "pagan," non Christian Grecian society, Hippocrates recognized that abortions were not to be performed. It wasn't until the Holocaust that we saw doctors openly perverting their oath, and using humans for experimentation, self advancement, and for supposed medical research at the unethical expense of other human beings.

Abortion today is and always has been a controversial lucrative business under the guise of a medical service, where children are killed and women are wounded way beyond the painful mistaken "solution." Many objective and unslanted surveys indicate that the majority of Americans do not want to fund abortions. They wouldn't fund it for someone they know and care about because they know that not only is a child's life snuffed out, the mother bears a deep emotional wound for the rest of her life. So why impose such a clause in a federal legislation?

Our senators and congressmen and women are considering a Health Care Bill. A health care bill that promotes using tax payer funds to pay for abortions whether we believe in the taking of unborn human life or not. Abortions shouldn't be seen as the solution to every unwanted pregnancy. I knew of a new bride who got pregnant early in her marriage and her husband didn't want a baby right away. He suggested that she have an abortion. It was their first baby. How often does this happen? An inconvenient pregnancy. It cost this woman many tears and almost her marriage, but she did not abort her baby. That child is now a beautiful intelligent young woman who is a delight to all her family. I don't want to imagine if that person were not part of my life. Then I knew another single woman. She got pregnant like so many other young women, an unexpected pregnancy. The family was in an uproar. It was many years ago when this sort of thing hardly ever happened. There was a struggle, an angry father, and believe me abortion was an option. You don't know the incredible person this child has grown up to be. These two mothers chose life and responsibility, not an easy solution for either of them. In both cases, the fathers were hesitant to face their responsibility, but finally did. It wasn't easy, but these two babies grew up to be loved and have given so much love in return, it's incalculable.

Before any one gets started, this bill has nothing to do with a woman's "right" to choose to have an abortion. What is at stake here, is who is going to pay for it? Including abortion in a health care plan is wrong on many different levels, and to force hard working Americans to give their money for abortions which they totally deplore, is outrageous, disingenuous, and simply wrong. We understand our health care system needs to be redesigned and re-envisioned but not at the expense of our values and convictions.

I want to thank Congressman Bart Stupak from Michigan, for his conviction and his determination to do the right thing. I was reminded about his efforts ironically through a disparaging news article that is being highlighted on Yahoo News. The article suggests that he might be the reason this healthcare bill might be derailed. Then the article goes on to smear the congressman by innuendo by saying he might belong to a fringe group in Washington. It is obvious the writer is finding a way to discredit him. How can that journalist see him or herself as an unbiased reporter? Doesn't he realize that readers can see right through his bias.

Thank God, the Congressman is not alone and there are others standing with him. He is in my prayers and I am sure in those of many others.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Visiting with Dear Friends


Blast from the past, but a good one. I got together with wonderful friends from my days with Campus Crusade for Christ. It had been ages. Jan and Dean were my supervisors, but they were also friends, mentors and a testimony in my life when I was just starting out on my own in the world. They came to Puerto Rico, as an answer to prayer, and a mighty move of God, where our lives were intertwined with the lives of many others to bring lots of people to the Lord. Meeting them, then participating with Campus Crusade on the University of Puerto Rico campus was a such an exciting time of my life. Nothing seemed predictable, while most appeared to be so. Bible studies were scheduled, team get togethers, meals, conversations, trainings. Mostly predictable in scheduling, but God through his Holy Spirit would show up and meals became holy, conversations led to conversions, trainings led to callings, and Bible studies were filled with answered prayers. An incredible time in my life, I will never forget. So it was wonderful to meet up again with these treasured friends to catch up on 30 something years and to enjoy each other's company again. God bless you very much and everything you do!
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Mimosa Tree in Charleston


Helen Keller once climbed a tree and remembered feeling the vibrations of a coming storm while sitting in a tree like this. Can't you just picture her? Ironic isn't it?
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I just remembered. This wasn't taken in Charleston. This was actually taken on my way down from Camden, some place between Sumter and I-95. There was a small group of homes and this beautiful full sized totally loaded in blossoms tree (if you click on the picture it will enlarge and you can see the wispy feather like flowers), and I just couldn't lose my chance of taking a picture. So after going down a block I found a way to turn around, park my car, and snap this picture. It only slowed me down a couple of minutes, and now I am enjoying it all over again. I stop for beauty.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Flower of the Day: White Ginger


This is a white ginger which I saw in El Yunque. The most beautiful part of this plant is not the flower, but its fragrance. If you step into an area full of them you are swept off your feet. So if you have never experienced one, add that to your list of things to do during your life.
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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Petunias Pretty Much


Flowers of the day! Taken at the Winter Park Farmer's Market. Aren't they sitting pretty?
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Monday, March 01, 2010

Nothing Spectacular





Nope, nothing spectacular here. Just a road I take to go up to Naranjito. It's off route 2, and it road 165 if I remember correctly which runs through Toa Alta, then reaches a fork in the road, and if you go left it takes you to Naranjito and if you go right, to Corozal. The road is lined with Flamboyanes, left and right in mid May to September the trees are full of Orange, Reds, and Whites to fill a heart's delight. So yeah, nothing spectacular, just that well worn road to Naranjito through Toa Alta.
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Hydrangea, Bonus Flower of the Day


This Hydrangea was growing at Hilton Head, South Carolina and was blooming for Kyle and Abby's wedding. I still think it is lovely to look at.
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Delicate Hibiscus Flower of the Day


Taken in a friends yard. Isn't it beautiful?
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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flower of the Day: Jerusalem Cross

Cruz de Malta, taken in Laguna Gardens, Carolina, Puerto Rico
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Chilly Saturday hoping for a Warmer Sunday

Yesterday, in Central Florida we had the coldest day in February, with only a high of 51 degrees. Of course, that would be a spring holiday in New York, Michigan, or Canada but that is not the case in here. Since we are used to the seventies at this time of year, we find the 30's rather chilly to wake up to. I'm hoping that March will bring warmer weather.

So staying inside today till church time, I'm watching a PBS show with Joseph Rosendo, in a documentary on hiking around Alberta, Canada. I wonder if he was able to visit the Dinosaur Provincial Park in Brooks. When I caught the program, Mr. Rosendo was taking the viewer through Banff's Lake Louise and a short visit to St. Agnes Tea House just a short hike from the lake. The last time I was there was when I went to Canmore with my friend Rose B. from Brooks, Alberta and my two granddaughters and had no idea the Tea Room was there and with how I love tea. Maybe I will catch it next time I go up that way. Next the guide went up to Jasper National Park, with it's impressive glacier and a stop for coffee at a Laundromat. Then on Moulin Canyon with its refreshing waterfalls. Those Canadian Rockies are breathtaking, but watch out for those mountain goats!

I wonder if you caught the irony of my blog today, in that I was talking about the cold weather and the program I was watching had to do with Alberta, which I assure you is a chilly 50 degrees even in the summer there in Lake Louise. I was there two years ago in late April, and it was cold! and parts of the lake were still frozen over with snow piled in some areas. Then I think, better to see it from the TV today, than actually being there because it must be considerably colder in February.

To see more on Joseph Rosendo, go to