Saturday, August 28, 2010

Love Saturdays

Perhaps it is because school has started or just because I slept in for an extra hour, but I feel more focused. Last night I organized half of the garage and have a vision of what else needs to be organized. This morning, I mowed the grass, which for me is a huge undertaking. Then a few minutes ago, I put in some edgers and weeded.

The weather has been moderate and it rained all last night so its not oppressive to be outside. I'm pleased that I was able to do all that yard work and a nice neighbor who lent me her lawn mower so I could mow my grass until I can have mine fixed. I have gotten many things done outside and now it's time to wash clothes and dishes. It has been all about organization this weekend, and did I need it! It makes everything so much easier to find and be out the door. "Recogiendo aparecen las cosas!" That is what I used to always tell my kids when they couldn't find something. It never failed they would pick up their rooms, and wouldn't you know it, they would find what they were looking for. So I am putting my motto to work.

So grateful for Saturdays!

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