Monday, June 14, 2010

Marco's Pizza

New Pizzeria around the Block

Last week I got a coupon to this new pizza place down the street. With the name Marco's Pizza, frankly I thought it was a local Mom and Pop shop and I hoped that this Mom and Pop would be from New York City where you get the best pizzas in the world. Well, it wasn’t a Mom and Pop place, but I wasn’t disappointed either. According to the area manager, Patricia Johnson, who happened to be there that day, Marco Pizza began in 1978 in New Jersey. New Jersey is close enough to New York if you ask me.

So did I like it? Well if I am writing about it after a week of going there, yes! This isn’t a paid ad either. Simply, I liked two particular things about it. First they have quite a selection which I will not get into now but I can direct you to their website. Within that selection was the fact I had a coupon for a large pizza with 5 toppings for $9.99. Astonishing! If it had been a mediocre pizzeria that would have meant nothing but the pizza dough is made on location and all the ingredients are fresh. So I got one with black olives, ham, onions, green peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms. It was delicious! Yes, I know you must be saying that those were six ingredients. So it was, and the people there are friendly and they aim to please especially if you are a first time customer.

Will I go back or make another order? I would say yes, since they have two other pizzas that look intriguing. There is one with baked tomatoes with a white sauce and another with Feta cheese. So many choices but I have got to pace myself since it is pizza after all, but I have to check these others out one by one.

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