Friday, June 18, 2010

Day One, Part Two: My Favorite Places in Puerto Rico

Drive through and park at my Alma Mater, The University of Puerto Rico. See the ornate Watch Tower, walk down the lane which is lined with tall Royal Palms and wonder why more of our main highways are not lined with them or Flamboyanes. Next go get some stickers in the bookstore and a T-Shirt.

On to the Botanical Gardens, right there on the Rio Piedras to Caguas Road, around Guadacanal street. That is where all the orquids came from that decorated every table at my wedding. Something so extravagant which cost me nothing, yet added so much elegance so when my family left with the flower arrangement at the end of the wedding which was the custom then, they were quite pleased. Oh that is right I am writing about the tour.

Next we will get on the Caguas Road until we get to the Caguas expressway and head towards Caguas, then to Humacao, and on to Maunabo. Perhaps on the way I can point out the sleeping Princess (there seem to be many sleeping giants in our mountains, we just have to look for them), the giant boulders of Las Piedras, and the back road to El Yunque, and the road that leads to Humacao and Palmas del Mar. Once we make route 53, we make a left to go up Route 901 which lead through Yabucoa with one of Puerto Rico's most daring scenic routes on the island (The other two lovely scenic routes are near or on a trip to Mayaguez). As we go up the mountains, right in Yabucoa we will stop to stretch our legs and sip a pina colada as we view the breathtaking view of the coast line and see the Maunabo Light House on the very tip. We might ride down to the beach and walk the shoreline once we get to the apartment and unload our things. Then we will locate a hammock and relax.

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