Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sun Rise





Catching a sunrise is a challenge especially on my way to work on the 417. It is a challenge because I want to just stay there looking at the sight. Perhaps if I were a professional photographer, I would dedicate my self to finding the beauty in everyday life. There is so much out there and we whiz right by it. But alas, work beckons.

But back to the sunrise. The 417, after the Beach line exit, heads straight south, and with its overpasses offers a clear view to the east which allows for a spectacular view of the sun rising. Sometimes I must admit, there is not much to see, especially when there are few clouds over head. Then there are times when it's overcast and raining and there are too many clouds and no extravagant colors. More often than not though, this is what I observe. The sun peeking out in splendor, shooting forth it potent rays, dazzling the sky with gilded clouds, and light pink and purples streaks. Clouds ups close and in the distance, dressing in new colors. It is a sight to see and a promise for the day ahead.

So the next time you hear the alarm, don't think "oh no!" Think, "I am going to catch me a sunrise."
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