Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Raining Cats and Dogs

Central Florida has been in a severe drought for the longest time, so we were thrilled when we saw the sea breezes colliding and bringing the long awaited rains. It actually took a couple of days for the humidity levels to rise enough for the rains to start. When they did, our skies became clean and breathable. Then the unexpected happened. Tropical humidity moved in and the rains have continued with record breaking rains. Last night in fact we had a tornado in Casselberry not more than 15 north of where I live.

Last week and the week before we had wildfires and now we have floods. People have been evacuated from their homes in Daytona and along the coast down towards Melbourne. On the news I saw people crying because they had lost all of their belongings. Others had their businesses damaged. The forecast calls for rains tonight and rain tomorrow. The St. Johns River will probably hit flood stage tomorrow. So this is wild and somewhat unexplainable. Lord, help us.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Apopka


The first picture is looking into a marsh area towards Wekiva Springs Park from Welch Road, the rest are going into or around downtown Apopka.
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Apopka, by Popular Demand


I lived in Apopka for a bunch of years, and I still love going over there to visit. Recently I stayed over at a friend/s house for Mother's day and got to go see some of my favorite things. For example, the field on Votaw, just before it intersects with Thompson, view of Thompson coming from Deer Lake, the Pizza Hut at Sheeler, and the entrance into town. The roads are wider, and the city seems cleaner. The field is still the same if not prettier. Just love Apopka. So close to the city yet still country.
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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Promises of God


This is my latest painting with a New Testament verse which is full of promise and blessing. The phrase and "in him" refers to Jesus.
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Fun Abstracts and one Temporal


Having fun with metallics and feeling the breeze rush through the palm fronds in Temporal, Temporal. Temporal means hurricane in Puerto Rico, and someone wrote an old famous song or plena to talk about the approaching "temporal" and lamenting what they would when it arrived. It is a song and a prayer. I survived Hugo in 1983, Charley, Jeannie, and Francis in 2004, and really would like no more!! But that is what I am painting about. Could it be our economy got me started?

The abstracts are a bit more fun.One looks like a Volkswagon bouncing through traffic and the other like a green bucket. I love to paint.

I didn't tell you, but a friend invited me to have a small exhibit at school during a hosted breakfast by one of our school's houses. I so enjoyed myself talking about art with some very nice people who came over to look at my paintings. You know I could get used to doing this.
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Blooming Orchids


I don't have that many orchids, and I have managed to kill my share, but yeaay, one has survived and is in bloom. I am so enjoying having it in all its glory.

Then for Mother's day a good friend came over with this beautiful hibiscus which is a double hibiscus, mind you, so lovely. Then on Saturday, I took it outside and planted it near the front entrance and then today it has been raining all day, and I can just imagine it stretching her little toes and taking root in that water-soaked soil. It makes my heart skip!
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Last Chance Harvey

Refreshing and authentic. It felt like someone had heard my thoughts and portrayed some of the issues so many of us have lived through. Some of them being hurts of the heart when years have passed since a divorce, and how we sometimes bury our pain in work rather than facing head on that our children have kept growing, that we don't see them enough. That our lives were fractured and that we still love each other dearly. That we are still a family. That we need to grow and move on and move up.

Move up in being positive. That there is life after divorce. There is life after our children marry and we all need to seek that life. Not doing so is to die emotionally. So I loved the choice for joy, for happiness that all the characters made, knowing full well there are risks in loving again, in trusting again, in pursuing life again. It can be messy but we can try, because if you don't you will be alone. So bravo, for Last Chance Harvey, a well made sensitive movie about real issues in life.