Saturday, June 21, 2008

Out and About


Yesterday I arrived and after taking my suitcases up to my apartment, I needed to go shopping for groceries, and I don't go any where without my camera. It makes my purse extra heavy but I seem to be ready for a picture anytime something curious, adorable, or beautiful comes my way. Yesterday it was some sunflowers, not in an open field in South Carolina, but in Pueblo Supermarket. Then I noticed those pink wax looking flowers Don Manuel, Q.E.P.D "Que en Paz Descanse" (God rest his soul) used to give me. People have been using that abbreviation Q.E.P.D. way before abbreviations became everyday language in English. Frankly, I always thought that QEPD was so tacky, the abbreviation that is, especially referring to someone who has passed away. Why do you want to abbreviate something that refers to such a delicate event? Something that requires our being sensitive. It is an oxymoron.

I don't want to get sidetracked with all those acronyms, I just don't, because I can't remember all the good ones, and then I don't want to start a debate, on who started what. What I do know and have observed is that languages go with the route of the easiest possible way of saying something to be understood (that sounded confusing, didn't it?). Oral language at least. Written language is a whole different story. That is where stuffiness and pride come in. The holders of a language, the proud representatives of a culture, the people in the know. Well they complicate things.

Anyway, there they were, the pink flowers, that is, well one of them. If I weren't so "pela," (I'm not broke, but I don't want to be by the end of the summer.) I would have bought it, but you just can't buy everything you see, just like you can't have everything you like, even if it breaks your heart. So I left them behind, but I do have the picture. When will I get to paint it is the question?

Today, Mami and I got to go to Old San Juan with Doris and Michelle to drop some things off at the Salvation Army store in Puerta de Tierra. It's cool, we just drove up and they grabbed the bag and we were off. Off for a 15 minute ride through Old San Juan which turned into 2 hours. We had hot dogs a la drive-through, from a street vendor, and then went to a store where they were liquidating cuts of cloths for as little as a dollar a yard. Era La Tijera. Tijera means scissors in Spanish and the store was going out of business. The nicest part was talking to the two gentlemen that were behind the counter who had life stories to share, while Doris circled the block for the fourth time (la pobre). Irritating. Too bad we didn't have more time. Maybe I will be able to sew myself 5 dresses for the next school year with fifteen dollars. I think I need to dress more matronly, so I can keep myself out of trouble. That is my goal this summmer: sew and paint a lot of nice paintings. I hope to show you the finished product before the summer is done.
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An Anniversary for Annie and Chris

Hey girl

como estas, hija de mi alma


Hey mami. I am doing good. I just

finished writing one of my class papers

algo me decia ayer que era una fecha importante

Como te va en PR?


I am glad you remembered.

thank you

aqui con mami

como te fue en el aniversario






we went to the pool with the girls on Thursday and then to dinner.



ten years


ten years

that is a milestone

ten years

a decade

of happiness

and experiences






ten years

so I wrote a poem

oh loving

put loving in there


and babies

two babies


growing giggling



At the end of our conversation, Annie had to run, Zanny came in crying. Back to the next ten years of happiness, crying, hugging, laughing, giggling, etc.

Congratulations Annie and Chris!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yellow Flowers in Oil


On the side of the road on I-4, going up to Deland you can see these small little yellow flowers, of which I really need to get out of the car and take a picture. They are darling little flowers and I would really like to see what they look like up close, but for now this is how I imagine them.
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Monday, June 16, 2008

Ponce Inlet


Ponce Inlet is so beautiful it almost makes me cry. The Sea Oats on the way, seen from the beach access, with four lazy pelicans gliding over the water in their afternoon rendevous. Then the sweet arching oak trees reaching to glasps each other on the road down to Down the Hatch. So many memories of afternoon dinners with a fun crowd which too soon has dispersed in different directions. I would love to have the opportunity of having all of them, laughing, joking, and enjoying each other together. But yesterday, there was no Down the Hatch. A storm seemed to be brewing and I had no plans of becoming a lightening rod, so if I wanted to enjoy the lighthouse I needed to hurry.

So instead of going straight to Down Hatch, I made a left. Then there it was, the majestic red tower, which has guided so many to safe shores. The Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. You know I really wanted to go so I could get the right perspective for an elevated painting, but I suspect I also just wanted to get a chance to see the Atlantic that I will soon be crossing to Puerto Rico. And of course, I wanted to revisit old romps. So here are the pictures. I made it up those 203 steps, pausing and resting. I am soooooo out of shape and soooo overweight, but I am determined to lose at least 20 pounds this summer. Next time I hope to climb this lighthouse with ease. Until then, see ya later, baby!
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Ponce Inlet 2


Though I am posting this first, it is actually the second half of my Ponce Inlet post. These pictures are some the curious sights that I spotted from my climb up the lighthouse. I didn't need to purchase the $1.25 certificate because I have a picture of me at the top as you have seen.

Isn't it an amazing sight? The last time I went up there I only stayed briefly. This time, I lingered and took a bunch of pictures since I do not know when I will come back. The intercoastal waterway, the single sailboat dashing through the waters, the lush Florida scrub with it cabbage and sawgrass palms and then the brilliant shore. What a respite. Ummm, I could be there for hours, but alas, everything that goes up must come down. But that is okay, there will be other beautiful days to come.
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Midnight Vigil

I was about to call it a night when I listened and I thought I could hear a bird singing happily outside in the tree in front of my house. Strange I thought at 12:30 at night. I got closer to the window and yes it was singing. I had already turned the computer off and the lights, too but I knew I hadn't painted what I had inside. So I found a brush, arranged my palette, and thought of something beautiful that I could paint. I thought of the flowers at Kyle and Abby's wedding and how beautiful her hydrangeas bouquet looked, and thought, um why not try it? The first bouquet is titled Abby's bouquet, the second is Bouquet 2, the forest is Fall Touch, and the purple irises? is called Unfinished Business. I had been looking at the painting since January knowing I hadn't finished it. I feel more comfortable about it now pretty much. Abby's Bouquet and Bouquet 2 have some minor things I need to add to them, but they are almost finished. I think I will go to sleep now. That bird is still singing!
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