Thursday, November 06, 2008

His Mercies

This is one of my newest paintings. I like painting Hydrangeas and of course you will never see ones like these side by side because they would all be of similar color. That is the magic of watercolor. I only give a hint of leaves, too, because they take away from the beauty of the flowers.

This Bible verse is from Lamentations 3:22, sandwiched between some of the most depressing passages in the Bible, where there was extreme poverty and hunger. Yet God was faithful to those who loved Him. The author continues with "great is thy faithfulness."

Sometimes we go through very hard times, many of which are spiritual when we are walking through the wilderness. In other words we are not immune to trials, temptations, or spiritual attacks. God is really merciful that He doesn't leave us in that state but brings us to a place of repentance, healing, and restoration. Whatever the case may be, we can have hope, because God never fails us and he shows us that his mercies are new every morning. It is true, great is his faithfulness.
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sin machete said...

Do plant anything?
Collect particular plants?
Or is it really virtual?
I do the contrary. Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes I love plants. I have a relatively big yard for a single lady, and I have plumbago, a whole row of trees, japanese irises that have exploded around my back porch, miramelindas, and I have one surviving orchid which is starting to come back. I also have a palm tree, amapolas, and some pretty little bushes similar to "un roble amarillo." So yes I am a plant lover, but the name "Mi Jardin" is also a metaphor for my life, and I love color, smiles, and laughter. So what do you plant and collect? Thank you for nice remarks.